Welcome to the WelshBiz #WelshEvents blog written by the Mike Armstrong – King of Marketing #KingOfMarketing from MA Consultancy and www.thingstodoincardiff.co.uk .

This is a picture and summary compilation of the #Amazing #IntrobizExpo as seen through the eyes of Mike Armstrong the #KingofMarketing

Firstly I am so chuffed for #Introbiz my amazing friends who I have watched (and helped), work tirelessly, over the last 7 years that I have been an Introbiz Family member, on building their network, this expo and their brand and to see them pull off such an amazing Welsh Business Event (well UK / European Business Event really) is truely unbelievable. Well done to these two Brilliant Welsh (UK & Global) Entrepreneurs Paul Smolinski & Tracey Smolinski who managed to pull it off and who I am lucky enough to call my friends and family!

Here’s some pics of the Business Expo all set up and ready to go and Gio feeling the stage ready for his big speech tomorrow! I also managed to help out and network all day and it was much smoother and slicker than some of the earlier years – 👍

Speed Networking is all set up and ready to go – after a few switch arounds! 123 Divorce will be pleased!

#ThingstodoinCardiff are all set up and ready to go! The launch 🚀 of www.thingstodoincardiff.co.uk is ready and raring to go! #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

Me and the #Thingstodoin Team are ready to rock and roll – still just waiting for our colleague “Rory Jackson as Michael Jackson” to turn up!

No panic – he’s here –

Our Hey for the day is here!

Checked on my wonderful Sales & Marketing Consultancy clients (& family) Gavin and Michelle from 123 Divorce to see if they are looking sharp – Big Tick

Get some quick Selfies done!

Also other social media clients of mine are looking good too – Well done James & Jamie of Your Car Group!

Just got some time to get some meetings done and catch up with some Friends & Top Welsh Entrepreneurs & get some appointments made!

Paul Gower of Snowycones Cardiff and Tom Sebry & Gio who are both up for the top Entrepreneur award later – Good Luck Guys!

Oh and on a last minute request from Paul, I manage the speed networking too!

Trying to manage Top Entrepreneur Networkers to keep to the time is like herding sheep – #123Divorce #pinksheep

Now time for the main event…

Time to watch @GrantCardone and #LordSugar smash it – which they did!

I also managed to ask GC a Marketing question and get three tips off the master (if anyone has a recording of it that they can send me that would be great!

I was gutted that I missed Top Entrepreneur @GiovanniMalacrino talk but it clashed with speed networking- another time Gio, another time! 💪👊

I would have also stayed to listen to Mark Wright but had more networking to do and luckily I have already heard Mark Wright speak brilliantly a number of times! 💪

Here’s Uncle G – Grant Cardone smashing it in my home City of Cardiff, Wales, UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇬🇧 😳

Here’s Welsh Business & Networking stars Paul Smolinski & Tracey Smolinski of Wales’ Best Business Networking Organisation, Introbiz interviewing #LordSugar off of the #Apprentice!

Here’s 123 Divorce’s stand in close up (because why not!) – featuring fantastic award winning design images created by Darren from Treganna Design!

Other #IntrobizExpo Highlights – of mine and found from all over Social Media – where more can be found on any of our accounts (there are a few)!

#IntrobizExpo Getting Ready To Open!

Meeting People & Networking include the previously mentioned Mark Wright (LordSugar’s most successful apprentice ever – so far):

Meeting Capital FM,

Catching up with Giovanni Malacrino of Giovanni’s Restaurants…

Catching up with good Friend and client John Saunders of Smarter Kitchens and Dead Canary and soon to be client (Richard Andrews 😉 of RA Architects

Watching, and then later speaking to the main sponsor of the #10xuktour and IntrobizExpo Paul McFadden,

Making new friends with @Serena10x from #10xuktour #London and her mum who had come back down from Leister again #doingthemiles – #CurrentStar #FeatureStar #TopEntrepreneurs 🌟

Other #IntrobizExpo Social Media Sourced Images Worth Showing!

Thanks to @GrantCardone & Paul and Tracey for putting on and being a part of such a great event and all inspiring me to make this post as opposed to just sharing the images which the pre #10x, #10xuktour me would probably have done! 💪👊👏👊🔥

If anyone wants to help me 10x my business by helping them to 10x their business in Cardiff, Wales, UK or Beyond then please get in touch and join me on what is going to be an amazing journey!

Keep an eye out for part two as this is just the day and I’ll do the night next, and I personally have some great news to share!


Mike Armstrong – King of Marketing #Networking and Adrenalin fuelled Entrepreneur (I’ve always been motivated anyway but this is next level billionaire sh*t which is off the charts)!