6 Signs that You’re Not Cut Out for Entrepreneurship (3 min read)

1. You don’t like to work hard. Entrepreneurship is about hard work. It’s about facing indecision, insecurity, instability and borderline insanity. There’s nothing really pleasant about that. Ironic as it seems, there’s a certain satisfaction in hard work. Humans are made for hard work, and hard work has its own reward. It’s cliche to say “work […]



13 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do (3 min read)

1. Waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity keeps you focused on the problem and prevents you from developing a solution. Hardship and sorrow are inevitable, but feeling sorry for yourself is a choice. 2. Give away your power. No one has power over the way you think, feel or behave. Changing your daily vocabulary is one […]


6 Things You Can Do Every Day to Become a Better Entrepreneur (3 min read)

1. Plan each day the night before. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: duh. You know that it’s important to plan the night before, yet, many who will read this DON’T. You wake up and “wing it” all day hoping to be productive –and that’s a terrible strategy. To make the most of each day, […]


How to Network like a Millionaire! (2 min read)

1. Write a Book Publishing a book gives you the ultimate credential. Plus, you never know who will be reading it. Imagine handing hundreds of people your book when they ask for a business card. If you have a good idea in your book, people will call you and find a way to help you, especially […]


10 Things that Define a True Winner in Life (3 min read)

If I’m not the best, someone else is. Everyone talks about the importance of loving what you do, but if you’re one of a thousand doing the same thing the same way, you’re not going to love the result. Being passionate about what you do is a good start. But it’s just that, a start. […]


“Always surround yourself with positive people in life and stay away from Still People…”

Always surround yourself with positive people in life and stay away from Still People…. #IntrobizExpo Introbiz.co.uk  http://passionateaboutnetworking.com/2017/08/08/always-surround-yourself-with-positive-people-in-life-and-stay-away-from-still-people-8/


Parkhouse Jewellers Cardiff are proud sponsors of the #IntrobizExpo Celebrity VIP Afterparty at the Motorpoint Arena, this Nov…

Parkhouse Jewellers Cardiff are proud sponsors of the #IntrobizExpo Celebrity VIP Afterparty at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on Thursday 2nd November 7.30pm till late…  http://expo.introbiz.co.uk  Introbiz.co.uk  https://www.facebook.com/paul.smolinski.3/posts/1773544612659249:2